My consultancy services:

WordPress CMS​

I have over 7 years of experience creating enterprise WordPress CMS websites and digital platforms to high standards of security and performance as a senior consultant and open-source contributor.​


Retail psychology doesn't stop at the brick and mortar store - your digital storefront is just as important and even more lucrative. My background in digital marketing, experience in WooCommerce and skills in UX enable me to create highly-performant and user-optimized ecommerce experiences for all devices and stores.

UX/UI design

I deliver delightful and inclusive user experiences and interfaces created with in-depth stakeholder research.

Web hosting and care

It’s hard enough running a business without worrying about servers, cyber security and performance - so let me handle it for you. My website care service continually adds more value to your investment and supports you in getting the most from your web presence. I only host on sustainable and speedy architecture powered by trusted providers such as Google Cloud, which achieve 100% uptime.

Cloud productivity and collaboration

Accomplish more with Google Workspace, everything you need to get just about anything done - in the one place. Jessica Sutherland Design is a Google Cloud Partner Advantage member.

Digital privacy compliance

Global privacy regulation compliance is extremely complicated and changing all the time. I can handle the digital parts for you as certified partners with leading privacy technology firm iubenda.

iubenda Certified Bronze Partner

Thoughtful design that’s good for the environment and your business


My websites are designed with the Sustainable Web Manifesto in mind and hosted on servers using renewable energy.


Accessibility is at the heart of every solution I create. I work to continually improve the user experience for everyone, and apply the relevant accessibility standards.


I use progressive web apps, content delivery networks and caching technology to enhance user experience and increase performance.


I build privacy focused applications that collect minimal data, ethically and securely.

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