Recyclr Consumer Waste Disposal App

Recyclr is a fictional app that lets users scan product barcodes to find disposal instructions for supermarket products.

This project was completed at Virtual School Victoria under the problem solving methodology (PSM) as an innovative digital solution (IDS).

I achieved a 98% mark on this project.

July – September 2021

UI Design
UX Design
Problem Solving Methodology (PSM)
Gantt Charts

Google Forms
Gantt Project

Recyclr was conceptualised first using Material Design System foundations and color system to work across platforms. I then created a unique atomic component system to assemble the app.

Relational database structure
Overall app flowchart
I surveyed potential users on their knowledge of existing disposal labeling solutions such as the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) and traditional plastic labeling (below). The vast majority of people of all ages could not correctly identify where products should be disposed of using current labeling systems.
If you see this symbol on plastic, doesn’t mean it’s recyclable!

Quotes from users I tested with:

“This is really useful and quite amazing. I’d make the font and icons bigger though so it’s even easier to instantly see how to get rid of something; it’s where my eyes should go first.”

Age 15

“Please make this a real thing, I never know where to put all the different plastics and materials”

Age 51

“I can see myself using this if I’m desperate, but for the most part, I know where things go already.”

Age 53

“Usually I look for the little symbol on the box, but not every box has it, so I’d definitely use this. It’s such a simple idea, but for a good cause.”

Age 30
Figma Screens
UI experiments and explorations