Snowglobe LGBTQIA+ Co-design Chatbot

Snowglobe is a chat-bot using artificial intelligence for digital mental health interventions. It’s goal is to educate, support and nurture Victoria’s LGBTQIA+ community by connecting them to support and learning resources.

The Snowglobe project will be co-designed with the Victorian transgender community.

Initial research is supported in kind by WayOut Sunbury Cobal Community Health. We are currently fundraising through Pride Foundation Australia and GiveOut to begin the co-design process.

July 2021 – January 2022

Human-centered design
Design sprints
UI design

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I conducted discovery interviews with members of the Victorian transgender community to learn about the potential impact this solution could have.

I collaborated with community health experts to develop a project plan.



I will facilitate co-design sessions centering transgender people with lived experiences to discover what issues and needs presented that could be resolved with the Snowglobe model.

I created a consent-focused, safe environment for community collaboration, and established a model of care for after the process.



I will continue to manage the Snowglobe project’s development, funding, marketing and volunteer recruitment to lead the project to deliverable success.

Snoglobe is still under development, we will soon be starting our co-design process. Learn more by following us on Instagram.

From Snowglobe:

Snowglobe is a youth driven initiative, created and led by members of the Victorian LGBTQIA+ community.

The idea of Snowglobe is to use new technology for digital interventions with the LGBTQIA+ community. Our overall goal is to build resilience and enhance wellbeing in the Victorian LGBTQIA+ community, through the co-designed application of conversational design. The Snowglobe project will involve community members with lived experiences to promote positive social outcomes in our community through a collaboratory co-design process. Our end goal is to deliver a digital chat bot targeting a key issue experienced by the LGBTQIA+ community

The first goal of the Snowglobe project is to conduct preliminary research into how the technology could be applied to support the transgender, gender diverse and non-binary (TGDNB) community. Monies raised will go towards conducting a collaborative consultation project with TGDNB youth in regional Victoria to co-design the principles and functions of Snowglobe.

We are drawing inspiration from similar interventions such as, Hello Cass a domestic violence support chat bot created in Victoria, and Roo “the bot that’s here to answer your questions about bodies, sex and relationships”, created by Planned Parenthood to support teenagers and their changing pubescent bodies. These chat bots reduces stigma, connect people with resources and enhance education with gamification and conversational technology to create a simple and informative experience.